Architectural bronze fenestration

Architectural bronze fenestration

Since 1998, LMC has developed lines of architectural bronze profiles to provide Architects and Designers with air-&-water proof certified high-end bronze products such as:

  • Exterior windows and doors (swing, double hung and sliding)
  • Interior doors and shower doors
  • Curtain walls
  • Entry doors

Our series of bronze profiles include:

  • Series 37 for interior doors and shower doors
  • Series 45 for interior and exterior doors
  • Series 50 with thermal break for exterior windows and doors
  • Series 60 with thermal break for exterior windows and doors

All hardware pieces are developed by our team of engineers to fit each window and door and are made of the same bronze material as the frames. They can be made on demand if requested by Designers.

Research & Development:

In order to improve our products and processes, we dedicate more than 3% of our turnover in Research and Development for more than 20 years.

Thanks to these efforts we have developed our different lines of bronze profiles but also our finishing processes and several specifics tools and machines.

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