Headquartered in Reims, France since 1978 and with branches in Paris and New York, LES MÉTALLIERS CHAMPENOIS is dedicating its art of Metal at the service of Architects and Interior Designers in the field of Decorative Metalwork and Architectural Bronze.

Combining traditional know-how such as blacksmithing and modern techniques like CNC machining, our team of craftsmen and engineers take each project as a unique opportunity to develop new solutions in achieving superior quality.

In the process, LES MÉTALLIERS CHAMPENOIS, which was awarded by the French government the label of “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company), takes pride in passing on its savoir-faire to younger generations of metalworkers.

For the past couple of years, LES MÉTALLIERS CHAMPENOIS is also partnering with renowned contemporary artists to produce their artwork of piece of furniture.